Xo Perfumery

Xo Perfumery is a roll-on perfume company providing their version of popular designer fragrances.

Xo Perfumery approached me ahead of launching new packaging and a new product – the body butters. They required photos and videos of their entire product range.

Xo Perfumery signed onto my monthly subscription package and received 10x images and 3x videos each month. The brief included showcasing the scent and texture of each product throughout the imagery. To do this I pulled a few of the scent note ingredients from each product to use throughout the styling.

Xo Perfumery has been able to update and revamp their website and social media pages with this content, their visual identity completed transformed to the next level.

Laura was amazing to deal with, clear communication and she really listened to the vision i had and brought it to life. I cannot thank her enough for the work she has done.

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