NŌLA Candles

NŌLA Candles was one of my first clients, from our first photoshoot together to their rebrand photoshoot, we have definitely grown together!

It’s been awesome to work together as the brand and look has evolved. Most recently I completed a photoshoot to align with their rebrand.

Olivia the founder of NŌLA Candles had a very specific look in mind which she brought to me to create. We worked together over a couple of months prior to the shoot to ensure we had all the relevant props, colour schemes and vision. 

This vision involved a unique use of props to align with the scent of each candle & diffuser and a specific colour for each scent. Resulting in on brand, striking images that tell a story. 

Initial Feedback: 

“These are insanely good! Thank you so so so much. These made my day! wow – incredible. Thank you so so much!” 


“I’ve worked with a few photographers now and Laura is just a pleasure. Super friendly, easy to work with but also REALLY good. I can’t recommend enough”

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