MiTruIQ is a Tauranga skincare brand. Their products have been developed to protect your skin’s microbiome and support natural circadian rhythms.

Niki the founder of MiTruIQ approached me needing some videos for use over Tik Tok, Reels and Advertising. After our consult call I came up with a custom package consisting of both video and photos which was put on a monthly subscription package.

I used light play and clouds in some of the imagery to help represent daylight and the circadian rhythm, along with small pops of greenery to represent the green science used to formulate the products. I also focused on showing off the textures.

The video content was a mix between real women using the products in a bathroom setting and engaging product videos.

MiTruIQ successfully uses this content throughout their website, social media and paid advertising.

Laura is friendly and so easy to work with. I told her I needed a video for TikTok and some website images, the rest she organised including models. Absolutely love all my photography & videography. Highly recommend

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